25 Apr

Below are instructions on how to complete a SpeedWaiver for a minor participant. This process does take a little time and is best completed before you visit the track. The SpeedWaiver only needs to be completed once per year, the SpeedWaiver is valid for all events and activities of the Lombardy Raceway Karting Club.

The link to complete a SpeedWaiver for the 2023 season is:


  1. Complete the SpeedWaiver for each parent / guardian.
    1. DO NOT check "I am signing on behalf of a minor" yet, this is for your SpeedWaiver.
  2. After completing the SpeedWaiver process you will receive a text message “You’re all set. Click this link anytime to display the waiver for Your Name:
  3. Click the link and then click the blue “Continue” button to display the actual waiver.
  4. Take a screenshot of the actual waiver to easily access your waiver and present at registration

After the parent(s) / guardian(s) have completed the waiver process, the waiver for the minor participant should be completed. 

  1. Check the box "I am signing on behalf of a minor"
  2. Enter the minor participants First Name
  3. Enter the minor participants Last Name
  4. Enter the minor participants Date of Birth
  5. Enter your mobile phone number
  6. Enter guardian 1 information
  7. Enter guardian 2 information

 Parent(s) / guardian(s) will now receive the waiver links to complete a SpeedWaiver for the minor participant. This process will require a photo of the minor participant and parent(s) / guardian(s).

When complete please click the link followed by the blue “Continue” button and take screenshot of the completed SpeedWaiver. .