The Lombardy Raceway Karting Club follows the rules of the Coupe de Montreal series. This has been adopted as our rule set as many participants at LRKC events also participate in the Coupe de Montreal series. There are a few exceptions namely:

Engine claim rule is not in effect
Gearing for cadet karts is open. Cadet class racers may choose their own gear ratio.

Registering for Events

All participants are encouraged to register for events online. To register online please visit the website:

Using is quick and easy.
1. Create a free account on
2. Search for the Lombardy Raceway Karting Club event you wish to participate in by entering Lombardy in the search bar
3. Complete the online form and pay

It is possible to register and pay at the track. Registering online will speed up your check-in and get you on track faster.


All drivers, mechanics, organizers, volunteers and support personnel must complete an annual waiver before any on-track activity. You can complete your 2023 Annual waiver by following this link: 

Once completed a copy of your Speedwaiver can be saved as a photo on your smartphone by taking a screenshot.

Paper waivers will not be accepted.

It is best to complete the Speedwaiver before attending events. To complete the Speedwaiver you will need a smartphone with data.

Special note for parents / guardians - each parent should complete a Speedwaiver before completing a Speedwaiver for a minor participant.


Camping is permitted at the track on race weekends. Please ask the organizers where to park and setup when you arrive. Potable water is available on-site to fill fresh water holding tanks. Holding tanks cannot be emptied on-site.

Spec Fuel

Spec fuel for all races is from Drummond's Gas, 69 Lombard Street Smiths Falls.. Spec fuel is 91 octane. To ensure your fuel passes fuel testing fuel should be purchased on the race weekend and placed in a clean approved container. Your kart fuel tank should be emptied of any remaining fuel before adding the spec fuel.

Open Practice Days

Controlled practice sessions take place most race weekends on Saturday. Karts will be allowed onto the track from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Sessions are 10 minutes per class. Classes may be combined depending on the class and experience of the drivers.


Safety Equipment

Drivers are required to wear racing suits designed for karting use for all events.

Abrasion resistant gloves must completely cover the hands and wrists. Gloves that comply with FIA Standard 8877-2022 are recommended.

Abrasion resistant shoes must cover the feet and protect the ankles. Shoes that comply with FIA Standard 8877-2022 are recommended.

Additional information regarding safety apparel can be found in Book 1 Sporting Regulations published by ASN GDS Canada.

All drivers must use a full-face helmet with visor approved for karting use. Helmets must not be expired. An approved list of helmets is available from the following file: